Networking ... Works

We know this... And we also know... Many people are not getting the most out of their investment in networking. 24-7 Business Networking addresses the main issues people face with current Business Networking:
  • How to effectively and efficiently network face to face
  • How to use Social Media and engage with Social Networking
  • Understand the true costs incurred
  • How to measure the ROI of their investment in business networking
  • How to get more Leads, more Visibility, better Targeting and more Enquiries
Through 24-7’s training, coaching and our own networking groups we provide a step by step Pathway Programme to develop your networking strategies resulting in Effective and Efficient Networking - giving more Leads, more Visibility, better targeting and more Enquiries - GUARANTEED
I’m Mick Holloway, the architect of 24-7 Business Networking’s Thoughtfully, Innovative Networking Platform. Defining and developing 24-7’s holistic approach to Networking Support has drawn on my understanding of the Web Technologies, my Business Experience, over 10 years of active Business Networking and my ability through training and tutorials to ‘de-mystify’ complex technical subjects and facilitate the application of Technology to Business.
I am delighted with the flexible services we have put together in 24-7 Business Networking.
  • Through our Bronze, Silver or Gold membership, members choose how much support they need.
  • A comprehensive, and growing, range of training courses.
  • Our own Face to Face networking groups
  • Our own Social Networking groups
  • Guaranteed results
I welcome questions, comments, advice and constructive criticism and to this end my contact details are below and I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Tel: 01438 791017
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